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How to decorate candles with sand and shells

Today with Idea of ​​… I leave you a fantastic idea to decorate the candles, so you can take old candles and give them a special touch to decorate any environment.

You can decorate these accessories through many different techniques, but today I will explain how to do it with a little sand and a sea shell.

The materials you need are:

Candles of the thickness and color you want
Masking tape
White glue or other glue to fix the sand
One or several sea shells
Rustic rope
A tray or a base to put the sand
A brush
Cold liquid silicone or silicone gun
Paper towels
Once you have all the materials … Let’s get down to work!

The first thing to do is to clean the candle well and place the bodybuilder’s tape evenly.

This ribbon should be placed on the top of the candle, that is, masking the area you do not want to decorate.

Now take the tail and a brush or a brush, depending on how thick the candle is.
Pass the brush by the tail and apply, a thick layer, over the entire surface of the candle that you have not covered with the tape.

Now take this one, for the part that does not stain. Place it on a tray with sand. Press it and rotate it so that the glue is fixed. Do this operation as many times as you think is convenient.

Once it has a good layer of sand, we let it dry between 5 and 10 minutes.
Remember that you have to remove the bodybuilder’s tape, before the sand sticks completely, if you want the decoration line to be as perfect as possible.

When you remove the bodybuilder’s tape, take the candle and put it face down and so it must remain between 1 and 2 hours, until it is completely dry.

When the time has passed, we can seal it so that the decoration is well fixed. To do this, remove the excess sand by tapping the candle lightly.

Then with a brush or a brush, we apply the sealer to the article, to fix the sand even more.
If you think you still have too much sand, once dry, you can carefully brush over it.
You already have your candle decorated with sand! But it still has a final touch and is a nice shell and a little jute or rustic rope.

Choose the rope you like the most and you only have to roll it around the candle itself. Go as many laps as you want and tie the ends.
To fix the rope, even more, you can use a silicone gun.
And finally add the shell or any other item that you like, to fix also add a little silicone and go.

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