Ideas to decorate with seashells – here some of ideas
November 22, 2017
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How to make candles with seashells – we will show you

• Snails and sea shells
• Paraffin or candles
• Candle wick
• Dyes
• Aromas

Step by Step:

First of all we have to have some candles, which we will melt with some casserole. This process is simple, but you have to be careful with the following.

When the candle is completely melted, we will have to remove the wick while it is in a liquid state, so that only the melted wax remains.

With the melted wax, we will go to work with the shells that we must clean and eliminate all the earth of these.

Attach a washer to the wick to create weight and glue it to the shell. After that you will simply have to pour the liquid wax on the sea shell, with care that it does not protrude or cover the wick.

As soon as the wax dries, we will have our own sea sail. We can add a few drops of the aroma that you like so that they also perfume the room.

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